Garden City Reserve

Garden City Reserve.

Garden City Reserve.

This is a photo of Garden City Reserve taken early Autumn 2016 at about 7 am.

I always make a cup of tea in the morning and go out the front in my dressing gown and look eastwards towards the park. There is always a difference in the horizon. It can be the sun breaking with the clouds bright orange, or else it can be shrouded in mist, like this photo.

In any event, I love looking towards the park to see what is going on.

Between 7 am and 8 am there are dog lovers exercising the dogs and meeting socially; at lunch time the school children from Port Melbourne Primary play, because there is no room at Port Melbourne Primary. Much laughter of children echoes around the area, and at 5 pm the dog lovers resume meeting again.

It is a changing scene.

The park is well used.

Helen Barry


  1. Colin Johnson says:

    Hi my name Colin Johnson I was born in garden city and I was wondering if you
    The same Helen Barry who had a sister named Joan and had a brother called John I
    Think that was his name and you had a Bulldog and lived near the Old COR depot.
    Do you still live in garden City was your father partners in woodruff & Barry Dairies? I left Garden City at aged 16 when I worked on the Vic railways I am now living in Queensland for the last 42 years Always remember the Good times at Garden City.
    I hope I have the right Barry’s in my mind i was just reading your story on the Reserve and your name rang a bell

    • Janet Bolitho says:

      Hello Colin
      I think that is indeed the same Barry family. I will pass on your details to Helen.
      Kind regards

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