Garden City Reserve

This is a photo of Garden City Reserve taken early Autumn 2016 at about 7 am. I always make a cup of tea in the morning and go out the front in my dressing gown and look eastwards towards the park. There is always a difference in the horizon. It … [Read more...]

New finds at Seafarers

When Jay Miller, Curator at the Mission to Seafarers in Flinders Street, and her volunteer Ros Fletcher were tackling the Mission’s closetful of old, unsorted photos, documents, scrapbooks and memorabilia, they found much that they knew would … [Read more...]

Framework for the Future of 1-7 Waterfront Place

March 2017 After several years of extreme neglect of the site, planning application 989/2016 has been made to the City of Port Phillip. The application proposes a single tower of 10 storeys wrapped around at the ground and lower levels with … [Read more...]

The London Hotel – Planning

7 March 2017 On Tuesday 7 March, demolition of the London Hotel began. By week's end, only the outer walls remained standing, creating the tantalising impression that the hotel had been saved after all. 8 September 2016 In a roller … [Read more...]

Good Ole Nott Street

This photo will give you a clue. This is my second class in my second year of being a teacher at Nott Street Port Melbourne. These kids represented the wonderful tapestry of the then cultural melting pot of multiculturalism of Port Melbourne in the … [Read more...]

Meeting – Mon 27 March 2017, 7.30pm

Tony Hill of McClusky's Lawyers will be guest speaker at our March meeting.  Tony will speak about the old Port Melbourne Police Station and Lock-up which he purchased in 1998 and restored as offices for McClusky's.  He will also talk about the Port … [Read more...]

I’m Home, Back in Port

As I drive around Melbourne Along its freeways and across its bridges Through its endless suburbs When I round this bend, I’m home Back in Port David Thompson … [Read more...]

Meeting – Mon 27 February 2017, 7.30pm

Perce White, Society foundation member and long term Port Melbourne Councillor will be guest speaker at our February meeting. Perce served on Council from 1972 until amalgamation in 1994 with six terms as Mayor. He will talk about growing up in … [Read more...]

Recalling Before and After – The Starch Factory

Looking south along Port Melbourne beach from Station Pier. See the intact but aged starch factory. One can almost see how quiet everything is. The sky generates warmth. I understand that in those days only twelve thousand people lived in the city … [Read more...]

The Beach and the Bay

The beach and the bay here in Port- always a magnet. Whether windy and cold, or still and hot, the kids are there. I think this one's having a good time- not too sure! David Nicholas … [Read more...]