John Kitchen Heritage Postcards

To celebrate the resurrection of the 1925 J Kitchen & Sons administration building in Ingles Street through its redevelopment as apartments as part of the Channel 9 television series The Block, we have produced a set of six postcards featuring … [Read more...]

Historic Port Melbourne Calendar

2017 Historic Port Melbourne Calendar Borough Homes Part 2: Interwar Estates   In this second Borough Homes edition of Historic Port Melbourne calendars on the history of where we live and have lived, we contemplate the four housing estates built … [Read more...]

Walks Around Vintage Port

Set of six self-guided walks around old Port Melbourne Updated - 2016   1 - Beach to Borough: Liardet's Beach and Early Sandridge 2 - Along the Vanishing Lagoon 3 - Steamers & Streamers: The Piers at Port Melbourne 4 - From Pier to … [Read more...]

Kicking into the Wind by Terry Keenan

Kicking into the Wind by Terry Keenan   Soft cover, illustrated, $30.00   Detailed history of the Port Melbourne Football Club from the early days in 1874 through to the First World War. Prices are in Australian Dollars. No GST is chargeable. … [Read more...]