Planning – what’s new?

At a time when planning issues are on the minds of Port Melbourne people – (and when have they not been?), PMH&PS was intrigued to find these notes among Swallow & Ariell’s archives held at the University of Melbourne.
Over a period of time Swallow & Ariell’s factory expanded to include neighbouring properties. Charles Joseph Sarovich, Furrier and Rug Manufacturer conducted his business, and presumably lived at, 77 Beach St.

University of Melbourne Archives

He writes

‘I have heard that you intend building an Electric Bake House on the allotment adjoining my property. I wish to formally protest against this being done.’ (June 28 1920)
He continues to press his concern
‘Am I right in presuming you have made your plans so that the light entering my three rooms will not be affected in any way? Otherwise I must object. Taking into consideration the excellent neighbourly feeling which has always existed between us, would it not be advisable to have a quiet talk over these matters and try to clear up any differences which may arise later on.’

(July 7 1920)

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