Chartered Scoundrels by Pat Grainger

Chartered Scoundrels - a brief history of Port Melbourne hotels by Pat Grainger

Chartered Scoundrels: A brief history of Port Melbourne hotels
by Pat Grainger
PMH&PS 2007, Soft cover, illustrated, 92 pp $20.00
The first two were opened on the Beach in 1840. Once gold was discovered in Victoria in 1851, some fifty-one others followed.
Chartered Scoundrels tells you where twenty-three of those Sandridge pubs can be seen in Port Melbourne today. The dangerous days may be gone now – more or less, but in 2007 the sixteen that remain open for trade lend a continuity with our distant Colonial past.

Prices are in Australian Dollars. No GST is chargeable.

Chartered Scoundrels complements Pots, Punks and Punters – A History of the Hotels of St Kilda and South Melbourne by Becky Aizen, published Oct, 2004 by the St Kilda Historical Society.


  1. Peter Richards says

    Hi, Did my electrical apprentice with the Federal government in the Port Melbourne / Fishermen’s Bend area in the mid to late six’s.
    Spent a lot of Drinking time in the Clare Castle hotel.
    Saw many a ploice lunch time “raid ” invasion of the front bar at the Clare, once they bock off the doors & entered the bar you could drop a pin, silence was golden.
    Then once they left , most times emptied handed, the noise would go back thru the roof again.
    This is the all around the time of Pat Shannon meaning shot, & the disappeance of the “ferret”, great & exciting time for a young guy to have his eyes opened to the new world.

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