Fisher Folk of Fishermans Bend by Allan Meiers

Fisher Folk of Fishermans Bend by Allan Meiers

Fisher Folk of Fishermans Bend
by Allan Meiers
PMH&PS, A4 soft cover, illustrated, 72 pp $20.00
An insight into the lives of some of the fishing families that settled on Fishermans Bend during the nineteenth century, and the contributions these families made to the early growth and development of Melbourne and the Colony of Victoria.
Johann Meier, Allan’s paternal great-grandfather, arrived in Victoria in 1853 and after a short unsuccesful time on the Goldfields, returned to Sandridge (Port Melbourne). He worked on the construction of Australia’s first railway between Sandridge and Melbourne in 1854 and by the time of his death in 1910 had lived 56 of his 80 years on The Bend working as a sailor, labourer, ballast master, waterman and fisherman.
This book tells Johann’s tale and that of his friends and neighbours.
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  1. Stewart Clarke says

    I remember the last of the old houses at the West end of Sandridge Beach. The houses I remember seemed to be clad with rusty corrigated iron sheets. There were only two houses I think.

    I was wondering if anyone had a photograph of them.


    • David Thompson says

      Hi Stewart,
      There are a couple of pictures at the end of Allan’s book which show what are believed to be the last of the old houses on The Bend. They do look like they are mostly covered in corrugated iron although they do have brick chimneys.

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