Temperance Hall

Temperance Hall by Pat Grainger

Temperance Hall
Text & Layout by Pat Grainger
PMH&PS, A5 soft cover 16pp illustrated, $5.00
It is said to be the oldest Temperance Hall in Melbourne that has been in continuous use by the public since it began. From teetotallers to Tai Chi, this is a brief history.

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  1. My great grandfather, William Ferguson (1823-1875), lived in Emerald Hill and was involved in the temperance movement. I have heard a rumour that his name may have been on a foundation stone at the hall, or perhaps the earlier hall.
    Any information would be much appreciated.
    Thank You.

    • David Thompson says

      Thanks for your comment Bruce. Being from Emerald Hill it may be that you great grandfather is associated with the South Melbourne Temperance Hall in Napier Street rather than the Port Melbourne Temperance Hall. Suggest you contact the Emerald Hill Heritage Centre if you haven’t already.

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