The Borough and its People: Port Melbourne 1839 – 1939 by Margaret & Graham Bride

The Borough and Its People

The Borough and its People: Port Melbourne 1839-1939
by Margaret and Graham Bride
PMH&PS 2013, soft cover, illustrated, 324 pp $30.00
PMH&PS foundation members, Margaret and Graham Bride have written a fascinating history of Port Melbourne’s first hundred years since the arrival of white settlers. The book takes us from the Liardet family’s arrival in 1839 through a range of tumultuous events to the beginning of World War II.
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  1. Michelle says

    Hi, I’m looking into the history of the Morley’s Coal Depot, which was located on the cnr of Bay and Beach Rd, and is now South Pacific Health Club. Do you have anything or can guide me to where I can find out a bit more about the building back when it was a Coal Depot? Any photos? Interior would be great. Thankyou.

    • Hi Michelle,
      As a descendant of William Morley I have a limited amount of information on the coal depot business, though not much on the building (no old photos)

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