Women of Port Melbourne

Women of Port Melbourne

Women of Port Melbourne
PMH&PS 2005, A4 soft cover, illustrated, 64 pp $10.00
The stories of the lives of thirty-four Port women.
Produced in conjunction with the Women of Port exhibition held at Port Melbourne Town Hall, October 2005.
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  1. Rob Bradley says

    Could anyone give me any information on this book please.Some of the women featured as an example and the years it spans.

    • David Thompson says

      Hi Rob,
      The book covers women from all of Port’s history starting with a piece about the traditional women who lived on the who lived in the area from around 38,000 BC. The specific women featured are :- Caroline Liardet, Elizabeth Johnston, Eleanor Meiers, Jane Slaven, Jane Rendall, Emma Williams, Mary Ann McCormack, Nana Mott, Eleanor Hopkins, Lily Turner, Sarah Ann Edwards, Sarah Stella Edwards, Christina Edwards, Maud Wilson, Erica Wilson, Jennie Baines, Mary McLeavy, Mother Anthony, Ada Polson, Lily Goss, The Cat Lady, Jerri Mann, Winifred Woodruff, Caroline Beazley, Peggy Antonio, Olive Zakharov, Nancy U’Ren, Rosa Coluccio, Wendy Morris, Jan Soldatos, Anna Robieson, Liana Thompson and Norma Barnett.

      I’m sure you are familiar with some of the names but if you’ll like to know anything specific about any of our Port women, let us know.

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