On the Beach

For these hot days, a summer photo.

This is one of my favourite pictures in the PMH&PS collection.  While charming in itself, there is much to be gleaned from the background. It is taken approximately where the Life Saving Headquarters at Sandridge is today. You can see a house in the immediate background with Princes Pier and the chimney of the Starch Factory showing the relationship to Port Melbourne.

PMH&PS collection

PMH&PS collection

There was a settlement down there on the Bend from the early days.  The last house was only demolished in 1970. At first making a living from occupations long since disappeared such as lumpers, ballasters, watermen, by the time of the first world war it was largely a fishing and boat building community. ‘Dugga’ Beazley’s grandparents lived and fished there. There were also small farms and dairies. The houses were  on Crown Land and not serviced by water,  or electricity. There were no shops. It was a long walk to Bay Street for supplies across the sandy terrain.

Allan Meiers has written about this lesser known aspect of Port’s history through the stories of the families who lived there in The Fisherfolk of Fishermans Bend.

Do you have any summer pictures of Port?


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