Welcoming the Wounded Anzacs

Welcoming the Wounded Anzacs - $25.00

PMH&PS member and prolific footy club author, Terry Keenan has turned his mind and meticulous research to a group of Port Melbourne women who formed themselves into a committee to welcome Australian troops, especially the sick and wounded, returning from the First World War battlefields.

The Women’s Welcoming Committee pledged to welcome the troopships arriving at the Port Melbourne piers for the duration of the war. They dispensed presents of cigarettes, confectionery, cake and fruit. Through their efforts they raised the funds to build the Band Rotunda on the foreshore in Beach Street and they were still welcoming home soldiers in 1920.

Welcoming the Wounded Anzacs finally brings to public attention the legacy left by these extraordinary women.

Copies can be purchased from Port Melbourne Town Hall or online for $20 each (plus p&p).

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