Beacon Cove Foodstore


Beacon Cove Foodstore 01 04 2015

Simon Johanson reports in the Age (1 April 2015) that

‘Melbourne-based boutique developer Key Infrastructure Australia, which purchased the Beacon Cove food store in December last year, is well under way with plans to demolish the shop and replace it with a three-level, 15 unit project with views of the water.

Barry Gale, chief executive, said that ‘his company was working closely with residents and the council to develop plans that were suitable to the area.’


Key Infrastructure Australia




  1. Rob Bradley says

    What a shame.I may be living in the past with my childhood memories still strongly in my mind,but it breaks my heart to see what Port has now become.I remember fondly,as a young boy, hundreds of hours spent in the water at the Port beach and diving from the wing piers to the left and right of the main pier that existed in my childhood.Now high rise blocks dot the water line and the things that I remember fondly are gone.I guess my memories will be with me forever,but sadly my old home will never be the same.That’s progress I guess.

    • Janet Bolitho says

      Hello there Rob
      It sounds like you and many others had a great childhood with a lot of freedom and fun. Not sure if you are on facebook? The facebook site Born and Bred Port Melbourne is a place where many people share memories of those happy days.

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