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An Extreme Day in Port

It was a dramatic end to a record breaking hot day when the Spirit of Tasmania broke from its moorings in high winds at around 6pm on Wednesday 13 January. Winds of up to 100 kph accompanied a cool-ish change from the day’s top of 41.9 degrees.

The Spirit looked in danger of running aground and the beach was evacuated.

It took two tugs some time in the high winds to bring the Spirit back alongside.

Serious damage was sustained to the bow of the ship and the loading ramp.

SoT Brendan Condon
image Brendan Condon
The Spirit of Tasmania at right angles to Station Pier from Lagoon Pier

An investigation will be launched by the Port of Melbourne’s Harbour Master.

The event recalls the beaching of the Nairana on 18 February 1951.


Read the Argus from 19 February: Gale drives ship ashore

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