‘Pushing the re-set button’ on Fishermans Bend

A changed approach from the government to planning for Fishermans Bend was evident at the well attended and respectfully conducted public forum held at North Port Oval on Monday 29 February. Over 300 people were present.

It has been a long time since the community has been invited into the conversation about the future of Fishermans Bend.

FB Planning Forum 29 02 2016

Planning Minister Wynne outlines the shape of things to come

Planning Minister Wynne and local member Martin Foley were accompanied by Meredith Sussex, Chair of the Fishermans Bend Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) and Geoff Ward, the newly appointed head of the Fishermans Bend Hub.

Minister Wynne spoke of the importance of having the community voice in future planning for the area. He announced his full support for 36 of the 40 recommendations made by the MAC and the reasons why he is pausing on the four others.

The full list of recommendations and the Minister’s response is provided below. The particular recommendation about heritage and the Minister’s response is also at the end of this post.

Minister Wynne was firm. The tram bridge at Point Park in Yarra’s Edge is off the agenda.

Martin Foley spoke of the importance of the government taking an active role in planning for Fishermans Bend, rather than letting the market dictate the outcome. He strongly supports a Fishermans Bend that is diverse in housing choice, places and people.

Significant challenges remain following the arbitrary and ill considered rezoning of the entire precinct to the Capital City Zone by the former Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy.

Challenges! There are many – the shortage of open space, how to provide affordable and diverse housing and community facilities when land prices are so high, and how to provide the excellent public transport which is universally accepted as necessary for the success of the project.

A wide range of questions were fielded by the Panel on planning, development permits, community facilities and open space, transport, contamination and sustainability.

Expect more community involvement as planning for Fishermans Bend gathers pace.


For the full list of recommendations, and the Ministerial response go to

Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Ministerial Advisory Committee Report One Recommendations and Ministerial Response February 2016

MAC Recommendation 10 – Heritage

Implementation of heritage building protection is urgent across the whole Fishermans Bend area, including the Employment Precinct.

Ministerial Response 

Support Further work to comprehensively understand cultural and heritage significance is being undertaken to inform the preparation of strengthened heritage controls.

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