My Port Melbourne – Photographic Competition

The photographic competition ‘My Port Melbourne‘ will create a display and screening for our July meeting. Margaret expects every member to enter a favourite photo and words to tell why it means Port Melbourne to you, so please don’t let her down.

An entry consists of:

  • a photo or a series of related photos, with a label/title
  • a story of up to 200 words explaining why this photo is special to you in Port Melbourne

There will be three elements to this competition:

  1. A panel of judges will decide on the best 20 entries which will be shown as a slide show at the PMH&PS meeting on Monday July 25th;
  2. All entries will be displayed in hard copy at that meeting and members will vote to choose the most popular entry, which will receive the People’s Prize;
  3. The panel of judges will announce their choice of winner at the end of that meeting, and award a prize to that entrant.

No entry will be accepted after June 27.

Click here for more details.

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