My Life in Port

Ted Raven with a model Swallow & Ariell's Uneeda Biscuits van. PMHPS Collection.

Ted Raven with a model Swallow & Ariell’s Uneeda Biscuits van. PMHPS Collection.

As a member of the PMHPS I would like to say I’m 91 years young.

Home birth was very common in 1924 when I was born at 36 Princes Street, Port Melbourne. I lived in this house for 22 years until I got married in July 1947.

The photo of me shows a model van with Swallow and Ariell’s “Uneeda” painted
on the side.

St Joseph's School, c 1933/34. PMHPS Collection.

St Joseph’s School, c 1933/34. PMHPS Collection.

The second photo is of St Joseph’s school taken in 1933 or 1934 when I was a pupil there.

Ted Raven


  1. I would like to catch up with any students or descendants of same! Ted RAVEN.

    • David Thompson says

      If you (or a member of your family) attended St Joseph’s school in the 1930s and would like to contact Ted, please email your details to the Society at and we’ll pass them on.

      Ted lives in Queensland these days but takes a great interest in the Society and Port Melbourne.

      “You can take the boy out of Port, but you can’t take Port out of the boy!”

  2. My uncle Wally lived in Princes St next to the pharmacy. My dad’s family were all born and breed in Port & South Melb. My grandfather played for South Melb. My other uncle was a boxer they were well known in Port & South Melb.

    • David Thompson says

      Thanks Roslyn,
      What was your grandfather’s name? And your uncle, the boxer? Perhaps other readers will remember them.

      • Roslyn gent says

        Normie gent was the boxer my dads brother…wally gent lived next to the pharmacy and my grandfather billy gent played for south melbourne

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