Fishermans Bend Planning Review

March 2018

The draft Fishermans Bend Framework Plan was released in October 2017.

On 23 February 2018, Planning Minister Richard Wynne announced a freeze on 26 development applications in Fishermans Bend.

Approval of those applications would have pre-empted and undermined the intent of the Framework plan and its associated planning controls GC81 which were about to be reviewed by a Planning Panel.

The hearings started on 1st March and the Panel will sit for a marathon 56 days to hear all submissions. The Panel will deliberate on the submissions and prepare a report to the Minister within 40 days of the last sitting day. The Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, will then respond to the Panel report.

Local member Martin Foley, at a community meeting held at the Golden Fleece in Montague on 20 March, committed to following the recommendations and outcomes of the ‘rigorous’ planning panel process. Shadow Minister for Planning, David Davis, declined to so commit.

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