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Town Hall, 333 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
Town Hall, 333 Bay Street, Port Melbourne

Nott Street School Honour Roll – Foolscap List

Amongst the items discovered in the recess within the Nott Street School “Old Boys” Memorial were two lists of names on loose leaf paper.

The first we dubbed the ‘pin list’ because the pages were held together by a small pin. The second list we have called the ‘foolscap list’ since it was written on foolscap sized paper. Specifically the list is written on the back of pupil’s assignments like Travis Johnston’s geometry work below.

Travis Johnston’s Nott Street School geometry assignment C1919. PMHPS Collection.

The ‘foolscap list’ is undated but there is strong circumstantial evidence that it was compiled around Anzac Day 1919. The list was originally held together with small round stickers from the Anzac Remembrance Day Appeal 1919. It was used as part of the process in the preparation of the Official Nott Street School Honour Roll.

‘Foolscap List’ – Nott Street School “Old Boys” C1919. PMHPS Collection.


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