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Women activists in Port

This piece is assembled from material on the PMHPS website and publications. The authors are gratefully acknowledged. You will find links to the posts at the end of this article. In response to the call put out by organiser Janine Hendry, … [Read more...]

Whittaker commemoration 2019

In the welcome shade cast by the now formally named Allan Whittaker gatehouse, people gathered for the annual commemoration of his life on Princes Pier. Kevin Bracken photo Simon Kosmer No one can tell the story of Alan Whittaker and 1928 as … [Read more...]

Whittaker commemoration 2018

On an overcast but very hot day, people gathered at Princes Pier to remember Allan Whittaker. This year marked the culmination of a community campaign to recognise Whittaker, his life and tragic death. It was a time to hand on the story to the … [Read more...]

Whittaker Commemoration 2017

Alan Whittaker Commemoration 2017 Former Supreme Court judge Frank Vincent offered these reflections at the Allan Whittaker commemoration held on Princes Pier on Thursday 2 November.  The gatehouse on Princes Pier has now been named the Alan … [Read more...]

Legacy of 1928

Alan Whittaker Commemoration 2016 On a (rare) sunny evening, former Supreme Court judge Frank Vincent offered these reflections on the legacy of 1928 at the Alan Whittaker commemoration held on Princes Pier on Friday 28 October. He spoke without … [Read more...]

Reflections on ‘entitlement’

Allan Whittaker Commemoration 2014 Here is a transcript of Frank Vincent's address to those gathered to remember the life and times of Alan Whittaker, shot by police at Hogans Flat, close to Princes Pier on 2 November 1928. He died on Australia Day … [Read more...]

Port in the twenties – a difficult, suffering place

Alan Whittaker Commemoration 2013 Former Supreme Court Judge Frank Vincent  spoke  about Whittaker in the Port Melbourne and wider social and political context of the late 1920s. Here is a transcript of his speech: "Port Melbourne in the … [Read more...]

A Garden City Life

Robyn Watters writes: My grandfather Bob Watters had a hard start in life. His mother Eliza was deserted by his father Captain James Renton Watters as soon as he was born in 1892. Single mother Eliza and her seven surviving children proceeded … [Read more...]

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