Newsletter Deadlines

PMH&PS members receive a newsletter each month detailing Society activities, Port history, heritage issues and community events around the area.

We welcome and encourage contributions to be considered for inclusion in one of our newsletters subject to the discretion of the editors. Queries and completed items can be sent to us at Please take note of the publication schedule below and the associated deadlines for submissions to ensure your contributions arrive in good time to be considered for publication.

Please note: Newsletter items will be included at the discretion of PMH&PS and unfortunately late submissions can not be accommodated.

July 2018 Deadline: Monday 9 July – Publication: Thursday 12 July (JB)

August 2018 Deadline: Monday 13 August – Publication: Thursday 16 August (AG)

September 2018 Deadline: Monday 10 September – Publication: Thursday 13 September (DT)

October 2018 Deadline: Monday 8 October – Publication: Thursday 11 October (JB)

November 2018 Deadline: Monday 12 November – Publication: Thursday 15 November (AG)

December 2018 Deadline: Monday 10 December – Publication: Thursday 13 December (DT)

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