History of a Street Precinct
82 Evans Street

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82 Evans St, July 2005 (Photo: David Thompson)
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Stone victorian house.
1887 Richard Briggs
1888-1899 Walter Armstrong Biography
1900-1902 Mrs M A Armstrong Biography
1903 Mrs Annie Dyson
1904-1917 Elias Anderson (Engine Driver)
1918-1921 Richard John Ross
1922-1923 Henry C Tisell
1924-1926 James McKenzie
1927 William Taylor
1928 Mrs William Taylor
1929-1931 William Taylor (Civil Servant)
1932 Mrs Elsie Taylor
1933-1935 Mrs Bridget Ryan
1936 William C Stevens
1937-1960+? Harold Joseph Dredge (Driver) Biography

Owners (snapshots)
1905 Margaret Brown
1910 Margaret Brown, Evans St
1920 Margaret Brown
1931 Mrs McArthur, Stokes St Biography
1940 Mrs J M McArthur Biography
1950 Mrs J M McArthur Biography
1960 Mrs J M McArthur Biography