History of a Street Precinct
86 Evans Street

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86 Evans St, July 2005 (Photo: David Thompson)
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Former weatherboard shop converted to a residence.
1886 Barris Marks
1887 Mary Bennett
1888 Mrs Mary Bell (Greengrocer)
1889-1891 Harold J Peel (Bootmaker)
1892 Fred Otson (General Dealer)
1893 vacant
1894-1926 Robert Francis Demmler (Bootmaker) Biography
1916-1917 Fred Burke (Bootmaker)
1918 vacant
1919-1922 Frank August Demmler (Bootmaker)
1922 Mrs Nell Demmler (Confectioner)
1927-1928 Frank August & Mrs Sarah Jane Demmler Biography
1929 Samuel Abell (Bootmaker)
1929 Mrs B Waddell
1930 Thomas H Cations (Bootmaker)
1931-1932 Mrs E Brown (Dairy Prds)
1931-1932 Percy Brown
1933-1936 W Ballard (Hairdresser)
1933-1936 George Conelly
1937 Jane Cook
1938-1956 Arthur Islands (Confectioner) Biography
1957-1958 Mrs H.G. Islands
1959 vacant
1960 Cyril John Cottam (Tram Driver)
Owners (snapshots)
1892 Ferguson Thompson
1910 Mrs Harvey, 21 Ross St
1920 F Demmler, owner/occupier Biography
1940 John Francis Day, Dundas Pl, Albert Park
1950 Jean Francis Day, 2 Dundas Pl, Albert Park
1960 William Thomas Dixon, 64 Moubrey St, Albert Park