Norma Barnett Lane

Norma Barnett came to Port Melbourne in 1953 to work at the Melbourne City Mission. The Mission had been established a century earlier to give aid to the thousands of immigrants who had flocked to Victoria in the gold rush, failed to make their … [Read more...]

Now and Then 2021 – Albert and Alfred Streets

The rows of modest, cheek by jowl, Victorian cottages, in many streets in Port Melbourne, provide a glimpse of what it would have been like to live here in the mid-to-late 1880s. What was then is now intermingled with 21st century vehicles and a … [Read more...]

Albert and Alfred Streets

Albert and Alfred Streets are two narrow streets formed west of the railway in the 1870s. Both streets run from Farrell Street towards Graham. Alfred stops mid-block after Union Street while Albert is split by Graham Street and continues to … [Read more...]

‘The Places We Keep’*

It all began with a mistake. Dr Robyn Clinch, member and guest speaker at the July meeting, was surprised to learn that her interesting house in Port was not mapped as significant whereas her neighbour’s 1980s house was. She later discovered that it … [Read more...]

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