Sepia Heritage Postcards

Set of 7 sepia postcards of sights around Port Melbourne from the 1870s to the 1980s. See what you can still recognise today, and what has now passed into history :-   Sandridge Hotel, Rotunda and Swallow & Ariel, 1980s Gem Paddlesteamer at … [Read more...]

Three . . . of Port

Sometimes you just can't find the right word. Take icon, for example. Many Port Melbourne people have had enough of the word 'icon'. 'Iconic' as new developments are often described, is almost guaranteed to get people's backs up. But back to … [Read more...]

Beacon views

Do you remember that in a previous post I mentioned that the off shore beacon used to have a timber walkway connecting it to the shore? These two great images from the City of Port Phillip's collection show this perfectly. From the left looking … [Read more...]

Beacon gets a coat of paint

9 May 2013 The off shore beacon is being painted. The beacons are a much loved and defining feature of Port Melbourne. Wide Beacon Vista with its generous front setbacks reflects the historic need to maintain a line of sight and clearance between … [Read more...]

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