Rootes in Salmon St

On June 26, the Age reported that a development application is under consideration for the former Rootes factory at 11-19 Salmon Street. Rootes was an English car company. It was started by William Rootes from a small cycle shop in Kent. A … [Read more...]

A Fresh Look at Fishermans Bend

17 April 2015 Planning Minister Richard Wynne today announced a welcome review of planning for Fishermans Bend. The review promises to 'work with the community every step of the way' on future planning for the urban renewal area. A major … [Read more...]

The History of Fishermans Bend

An early action of the new Andrews Government in relation to the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal project was to release the many background reports commissioned to inform planning for the area. PMHPS was aware that these reports had been … [Read more...]

Birth and demise of Holden at Fishermans Bend

It was a defining moment for the nation. It heralded Australia becoming a self-reliant manufacturer. It happened in Fishermens Bend on 29 November 1948 when Prime Minister Ben Chifley revealed Australia’s first mass-produced car, the … [Read more...]

Wings over Fishermens Bend

The aerodromes of Fishermans Bend and Port Melbourne are no more. Graham Street Aerodrome disappeared under industrial buildings, Garden City covers Port Melbourne Aerodrome, Coode Island Aerodrome is part of Swanson Dock, while roads fragment the … [Read more...]

Housing prisoners

The Victorian government announced this week that it will be buying more shipping containers to house the growing prison population. The news prompted this post. To get your bearings for this story, place yourself on the beach between the Life Saving … [Read more...]

On the Beach

For these hot days, a summer photo. This is one of my favourite pictures in the PMH&PS collection.  While charming in itself, there is much to be gleaned from the background. It is taken approximately where the Life Saving Headquarters at … [Read more...]

Beginning and ending: Holden

Today, after weeks of uncertainty but with an increasing sense of foreboding, Holden announced that it will cease to make cars in Australia from 2017. Holden, Port Melbourne, Fishermans Bend - inseparable. This is where Australia began its journey … [Read more...]

More Tales from the Bend

Whenever PMHPS speaks with people who grew up in Port, tales from the Bend emerge. It seems that the Bend offered the best kind of adventures a boy could have. (Girls weren't allowed down there). Boys roamed about in a way that would not be … [Read more...]

Fisher Folk of Fishermans Bend by Allan Meiers

Fisher Folk of Fishermans Bend by Allan Meiers   PMH&PS, A4 soft cover, illustrated, 72 pp $20.00   An insight into the lives of some of the fishing families that settled on Fishermans Bend during the nineteenth century, and the … [Read more...]

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