Recalling Before and After – The Starch Factory

Looking south along Port Melbourne beach from Station Pier. See the intact but aged starch factory. One can almost see how quiet everything is. The sky generates warmth. I understand that in those days only twelve thousand people lived in the city … [Read more...]

Pt Melbourne, 1992 by Brian Cleveland

View of Beach Street showing the London Hotel, Swallow & Ariel, Harper's Starch Factory and the on;y remaining pylon from the Centenary Bridge. … [Read more...]

Old Section, Station Pier, Pt Melb, Dec ’92 by Brian Cleveland

Side view of the eastern finger pier at Station Pier with Port Melbourne shore, including Harper's Starch Factory in the background. … [Read more...]

Centenary Bridge, Port Melbourne, March 1991 by Brian Cleveland

In March 1991 Brian recorded many views of Centenary Bridge just as preparations were being made to demolish it. The side of Centenary Bridge looking back towards Beach Street with Harper's Starch factory in the background. … [Read more...]

When Mad Max Came to Port Melbourne

The recent release of Mad Max: Fury Road has us thinking back to 1979 when director, George Miller started the franchise with the film Mad Max. That original film, telling the story of Main Force Patrol (MFP) policeman Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) … [Read more...]

Keeping Warm in Port

It is one of Port’s often told stories - how people ‘knocked off’ coal from the trucks taking coal to the Gasworks from Town Pier at the end of Bay Street. Emily Lock remembered ‘The different cargoes were a source of wonder. Some of them brought … [Read more...]

Port Melbourne on location

  A glimpse of the Graham St overpass in the current TAC road safety campaign triggers a post about Port Melbourne as a location in films. Port Melbourne was the scene of the early 1905 Limelight documentary film showing Swallow and … [Read more...]

On the Beach

For these hot days, a summer photo. This is one of my favourite pictures in the PMH&PS collection.  While charming in itself, there is much to be gleaned from the background. It is taken approximately where the Life Saving Headquarters at … [Read more...]

1990 Colour Heritage Postcards

Set of heritage colour postcards of sights around Port Melbourne from the 1990s. See what you can still recognise today, and what has now passed into history :- Old Starch Factory from Lagoon Pier Gull's Eye View of Bay Street Front Channel … [Read more...]

Three . . . of Port

Sometimes you just can't find the right word. Take icon, for example. Many Port Melbourne people have had enough of the word 'icon'. 'Iconic' as new developments are often described, is almost guaranteed to get people's backs up. But back to … [Read more...]

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