Three Photos of Port Link Five Generations of my Family

Whilst converting a terrace house in Bay Street to a photography studio in the 1970s, one of my memories of Port was the delicious smell of baking biscuits from the Swallows factory, not one you’d associate with an industrial area. Lydia, my paternal … [Read more...]

Looking back on 2014

The Society started the year with this new website. This year we also ventured into facebook reaching 100 ‘likes’ in November. These social media have opened up new ways for people with a Port connection to  get in touch and share stories. We have … [Read more...]

Holy Trinity Guild Cookery Book

From the Collection Holy Trinity Guild Cookery Book In January 1909 a fierce storm blew down the 59 year old Holy Trinity iron church. The church Ladies Working Guild went into action to help with the fund raising for a new church.  They … [Read more...]

Exhibition Launch

Tonight we launched our exhibition to mark the 160th year of the Holy Trinity church in Port Melbourne.   It was great to have the current Minister, the Rev Noel Whale on hand to talk about the history of the church in Bay Street and what it means to … [Read more...]

The English Church at Sandridge

It started with a tent service in 1854 and, since the sale and subsequent re-development of the main church building as apartments, continues the tradition of the Anglican Church in Port Melbourne at the now commissioned parish hall. To celebrate … [Read more...]

Historic Marriage Records Preserved by the PMHPS

The original Church of England in the Borough of Sandridge was established in a tent on the corner of Bay and Graham Streets in 1854. It was reported in the Church of England Messenger of 1854 that '...a commodious tent, we'll fitted up, has been … [Read more...]

A Pre-fabricated Church

[Read more...]

[Read more...]

Housing Prisoners (2)

Update Last weekend, Holy Trinity Church in Bay St, Port Melbourne commemorated the 160th anniversary of the first church service held on that site. It was held in a 'commodious' tent. W C Richardson sketched that tent. He was the warden on the … [Read more...]

Ring the bell

6 April 2014 A service was held at 10 am today at Holy Trinity Church, Bay Street, Port Melbourne to commemorate the first service held on this site 160 years ago. The 'commodious' tent of the 1850s was made of sailcloth. This one was kindly lent … [Read more...]

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