Housing Prisoners (2)

Update Last weekend, Holy Trinity Church in Bay St, Port Melbourne commemorated the 160th anniversary of the first church service held on that site. It was held in a 'commodious' tent. W C Richardson sketched that tent. He was the warden on the … [Read more...]

Ring the bell

6 April 2014 A service was held at 10 am today at Holy Trinity Church, Bay Street, Port Melbourne to commemorate the first service held on this site 160 years ago. The 'commodious' tent of the 1850s was made of sailcloth. This one was kindly lent … [Read more...]

Where plaques lead

Talking of plaques, and their near neighbour, foundation stones, I noticed that the memorial stone on the Holy Trinity Church Hall has recently been re-pointed and is now a deep smooth grey. The stone marks the opening of the Holy Trinity Church … [Read more...]

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