This is Where the Story Ends

In the story of our first settlers we often focus on the arrival in November 1839, their subsequent settlement at the Beach and those early years during the establishment of Sandridge but what of their later life? By 1853 Wilbraham and Caroline … [Read more...]

Protecting Port’s Significant Heritage Places

Port Phillip Planning Scheme Amendment C103: Implementing the Bay St Structure Plan The Society will present at the Planning Panel considering submissions on this amendment on Friday 2 May. Two key directions in the amendment strongly supported by … [Read more...]

International Womens Day

Today's post honours all the women who have shaped and formed Port Melbourne from the indomitable Caroline Liardet onwards. PMHPS acknowledges the first woman elected to Port Melbourne Council and the first woman mayor, Anna Robieson. She was … [Read more...]

Off the Street

In late 2013,  Council gave notice to Dugga Beazley to cease operating from his familiar spot in Dow St. See PMH&PS's post of November. Following interventions by many people who wish Dugga well, Council has removed a section of the raised … [Read more...]

Sad record

Last week, Steve Tserkezidis introduced members to the wealth of resources available at the Public Record Office of Victoria. It just so happened that this week, the PRO's record of the week relates to a Port Melbourne story: Women convicted of … [Read more...]

The Family Photo – Family History Month

Radio National's Life Matters had a fascinating programme on the family portrait this morning - timely given today's post on Allan Meiers extended family history on Fishermans Bend. The stories were rich, the ideas interesting, and the advice basic, … [Read more...]

Cottage on the corner

PMHPS has observed a notice of application for a planning permit for this house on the corner of Nott and Farrell Sts, Port Melbourne. This is where William Morley lived. He was the the first chairman of Sandridge when it became a municipality … [Read more...]

The Borough and its People: Port Melbourne 1839 – 1939 by Margaret & Graham Bride

The Borough and its People: Port Melbourne 1839-1939 by Margaret and Graham Bride   PMH&PS 2013, soft cover, illustrated, 324 pp $30.00   PMH&PS foundation members, Margaret and Graham Bride have written a fascinating history of Port … [Read more...]

Historic Port Melbourne Calendars

Annotated pictorial calendars. Please contact the Society if you would like to purchase any of our past Calendars. Get them while they last !!! 2021 Women of Port - $5.00 2020 Then and Now - $5.00 2019 Waterfront - $5.00 2018 Historic sPort … [Read more...]

Fishing business

Dugga Beazley In the late 1980s, with great change looming in Port Melbourne, Dugga Beazley spoke to documentary maker Richard Crawley of his fear that a time might come when he would no longer be able to run his fishing business from Dow St. … [Read more...]

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