R.F. Julier Reserve

When the Housing Commission of Victoria built a new estate at Fishermans Bend, open space was a critical part of the health oriented design. Although the roads were named, the open space reserves were not named at the time. Layout of the Housing … [Read more...]

Meeting – Mon 27 February 2017, 7.30pm

Perce White, Society foundation member and long term Port Melbourne Councillor will be guest speaker at our February meeting. Perce served on Council from 1972 until amalgamation in 1994 with six terms as Mayor. He will talk about growing up in … [Read more...]

Loss of a tree

Not a trace remains of the huge Tasmanian bluegum that was such a presence on Liardet Street for many years. Tasmanian bluegums are not indigenous to this area, of course. Perhaps it was planted in the eighties when there was renewed interest in … [Read more...]

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