Walks Around Vintage Port

Set of seven self-guided walks around old Port Melbourne Updated - 2016/17   1 - Beach to Borough: Liardet's Beach and Early Sandridge 2 - Along the Vanishing Lagoon 3 - Steamers & Streamers: The Piers at Port Melbourne 4 - From Pier to … [Read more...]

Representing Port Melbourne

With the 2014 state election imminent, this post looks briefly at two very different people who have represented Port Melbourne: Frederick Derham arrived in Melbourne in 1856. Following the death of his first wife, Ada, he married Francis … [Read more...]

Flinders St Station to Sandridge – the first journey

At 12.20 pm on 12th September 1854, the first journey of the first steam powered passenger train in Australia left Flinders Street for Sandridge. The gold rush had made the long and convoluted journey up the Yarra River increasingly untenable. … [Read more...]

The First Sandridge Fire Brigade

With bushfire alerts all over ABC radio this week and the lingering smell and haze of smoke in the air my eyes were drawn to the Society bookshelves and a great little publication called 'Fire in the Borough' by Shirley A Videion. Videion traces … [Read more...]

The Borough and its People: Port Melbourne 1839 – 1939 by Margaret & Graham Bride

The Borough and its People: Port Melbourne 1839-1939 by Margaret and Graham Bride   PMH&PS 2013, soft cover, illustrated, 324 pp $30.00   PMH&PS foundation members, Margaret and Graham Bride have written a fascinating history of Port … [Read more...]

Fisher Folk of Fishermans Bend by Allan Meiers

Fisher Folk of Fishermans Bend by Allan Meiers   PMH&PS, A4 soft cover, illustrated, 72 pp $20.00   An insight into the lives of some of the fishing families that settled on Fishermans Bend during the nineteenth century, and the … [Read more...]

Historic Port Melbourne Calendars

Annotated pictorial calendars. Please contact the Society if you would like to purchase any of our past Calendars. Get them while they last !!! 2021 Women of Port - $5.00 2020 Then and Now - $5.00 2019 Waterfront - $5.00 2018 Historic sPort … [Read more...]

Darke and Sandridge

William Darke gave the name Sandridge to the area now known as Port Melbourne. He was one of three surveyors sent by Governor Bourke in 1836 to survey the shore of Port Phillip Bay and plot the course of the Yarra River. The name described the 'mile … [Read more...]

The first Australian railway

Flinders Street Station c1854. Australia's first railway. Sketch by S.T. Gill showing the first station buildings and the single line from Sandridge.: Culture Victoria 'Yesterday was memorable in the annals of Victoria and of Australia, for the … [Read more...]

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