Stories from a Postcard

From the collection - a postcard showing Nott St school in Port Melbourne This postcard was found by one of the PMHPS founding members at a Postcard swap meet.   A simple old postcard, but what a story it tells. On the front is a photo of the … [Read more...]

Flinders St Station to Sandridge – the first journey

At 12.20 pm on 12th September 1854, the first journey of the first steam powered passenger train in Australia left Flinders Street for Sandridge. The gold rush had made the long and convoluted journey up the Yarra River increasingly untenable. … [Read more...]

View from Station Pier

So much of interest in this photo from 1959. This is an invitation to readers to list all the disappeared places in the picture and respond with your memories of this time. … [Read more...]

Port Melbourne on location

  A glimpse of the Graham St overpass in the current TAC road safety campaign triggers a post about Port Melbourne as a location in films. Port Melbourne was the scene of the early 1905 Limelight documentary film showing Swallow and … [Read more...]


A recent article in The Guardian Urban Futures wondered whether cities are losing their smell. That caused me to reflect on how many Port stories are associated with smells. The fetid Sandridge Lagoon gave rise to virtually a whole vocabulary … [Read more...]

Finders Sharers

An excitement of being a member of the PMHPS is to find - and share - material. Here are some recent finds from members relating to Swallow and Ariell. These three cheery short films of 'Day in the Life of a Biscuit Factory' cover many aspects of … [Read more...]

Sepia Heritage Postcards

Set of 7 sepia postcards of sights around Port Melbourne from the 1870s to the 1980s. See what you can still recognise today, and what has now passed into history :-   Sandridge Hotel, Rotunda and Swallow & Ariel, 1980s Gem Paddlesteamer at … [Read more...]

Planning – what’s new?

At a time when planning issues are on the minds of Port Melbourne people - (and when have they not been?), PMH&PS was intrigued to find these notes among Swallow & Ariell's archives held at the University of Melbourne. Over a period of time … [Read more...]

Biscuits, puddings, cakes and more: Swallow & Ariell in Port Melbourne

This week’s post has got to be about Swallow & Ariell.  The Age Epicure devoted this week’s edition  to iconic Australian biscuits without mentioning Swallow & Ariell which operated continuously in Port Melbourne from 1858 to 1991.  PMHPS … [Read more...]

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