History of a Street Precinct
145 Farrell Street

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145 Farrell St, July 2005 (Photo: David Thompson)
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Property Property History
Single fronted weatherboard with a second storey extension. The house was built about 1902-03 replacing a early house which had been demolished in 1898.
1886-1892 Thomas Slavin
1893-1898 Mrs Jane Slaven
1903 Alfred M Jaques
1904-1915 Thomas M Hood (Boot Operator)
1916 Hugh J Stephens
1917-1919 Norman Deas
1920 William Pettis
1921-1938 Peter Dunbar (Master Marinner)
1939-1946 Mrs Francis Jane Dunbar (Home Duties)
1947-1960 Norman W. Iver
Owners (snapshots)
1905 George Cuscasen Biography
1910 George Cuscasen, Collins St, City Biography
1920 Cuscaden Biography
1930 Peter Dunbar, owner/occupier
1940 Mrs Francis Jane Dunbar, owner/occupier
1950 Norman & Gertrude Ada Iver, owner/occupier