Christmas Cards

As the ubiquitous adoption of electronic mail and text messages on smart devices has become the norm for our daily communications the practice of exchanging Christmas cards has declined enormously. It doesn't seem that long ago that mantlepieces, … [Read more...]

Picnic in the Park – 12 December 2021, 12 – 3pm

Weather permitting, we are planning to be in Edwards Park on Sunday 12 December between noon and 3 pm for an end of year picnic in the park.  More details will be posted closer to the event. Image: Robert Harper & Co picnic, 1908. PMHPS … [Read more...]

Meeting – 23 November 2021 @ 7.30 PM

Unfortunately we have been unable to secure a venue for our November meeting. The trivia quiz will now be held during our first meeting of 2022 on January 25. Our next chance to meet will be our end-of-year breakup at Edwards Park, 12.00 - 3.00PM … [Read more...]

Working at Tom Piper

Win May (nee Smith) and Janet Bolitho worked together on this interview during lockdown in August 2021. Where did you grow up? My parents moved into our house in Griffin Crescent when it was brand new. My mother, Mary, worked at Swallows … [Read more...]

Now and Then Exhibition 2021

Now and Then Exhibition presented by the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society, 2021. Proceed to the Exhibition … [Read more...]

‘Lagoon Reserve’: Residential or Recreational?

by David Radcliffe In the 1890s, the name ‘lagoon reserve’ applied to any part of the strip of reclaimed land, bounded by Esplanade East and Esplanade West, extending from Bridge St to Rouse St. Formed by filling in the Sandridge Lagoon, it was … [Read more...]

Alfred Harman & Sons: Engineers of Derham Street

by David Radcliffe Twenty-one year old Alfred Harman is reported to have started his engineering business in 1885.1 He proudly advertised his services as an “engineer, blacksmith and brass-founder” offering “engines and machinery of every … [Read more...]

Meeting – 26 October 2021 @ 7.30 PM

David Radcliffe and Janet Bolitho will take us on a virtual walk around the area covered in David's book Changing Fortunes: Ebb and Flow of People and Place in a Pocket in Port Melbourne. Changing Fortunes was recently shortlisted for the 2021 … [Read more...]

Derham Street

Frederick Thomas Derham was born in Somerset, England, in 1844 and arrived in Melbourne with his family in 1856. Derham's first business undertaking was as a mercantile broker with Callender Calwell & Co. In 1864, he married Ada Anderson with … [Read more...]

Meeting – 28 September 2021 @ 7.30 PM

Felicity Watson from the National Trust will be the guest at our September meeting. In this presentation, National Trust Advocacy Manager, Felicity Watson, will discuss the enduring importance of heritage advocacy to communities across Victoria, … [Read more...]

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