Walter Street

Walter St, Port Melbourne in 2019 image Rebecca Moore Walter Street Port Melbourne runs north-east to south-west between Graham and Poolman Streets along the north boundary of the Port Melbourne Primary School. It was named to commemorate … [Read more...]

“Here comes the thief”

Matthias Larkin This confronting headline was published in the Herald newspaper on 16 December 1891. It described the reaction of one very annoyed old lady who had lost her money by investing it in the South Melbourne Permanent Building and … [Read more...]

Two More Flags

Two More Flags - The Second Fifty Years of the Port Melbourne Cricket Club: 1924-25 - 1973-74 by Terry Keenan Terry Keenan 2019, soft cover, illustrated, 88 pp $10.00Following on from Once Were Champions, Terry Keenan continues his history of … [Read more...]

Meeting Monday 23 September @ 7.30pm

Port Melbourne Sports Clubs Port Melbourne has had and still has a proud history of hosting many different sporting clubs. On Monday 23rd September, we will hear about the history and the members’ commitment behind three of these clubs - the … [Read more...]

A Builder’s Signature?

Decorative Eaves on Workers’ Cottages A constant delight of Port Melbourne is the avenues of workers cottages built during the real estate boom of the late Victorian era. Yet there is much more to these small wooden homes with their pretty iron … [Read more...]

Small, smaller, smallest: a community exhibition

The City of Port Phillip invites you to dust off and share your treasured miniatures, knick knacks and ornaments in a community exhibition to be held at the Emerald Hill Heritage Centre from 9 October to 24 January 2020. Contributions to the … [Read more...]

AGM Monday 26 August, 2019 at 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Robin Grow, PMHPS Member and President of the Art Deco and Modernism Society of Australia will be the guest speaker at our Annual General Meeting this year. Robin's presentation will provide an illustrated analysis of how Melbourne and Port … [Read more...]

Waterfront Place update

The Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal refused the developer of 1-7 Waterfont Place's leave to appeal the Court’s earlier decision to uphold the Minister for Planning’s ‘call in’ of the planning application. The interpretation of 'seven days' was … [Read more...]

Proud to be a Port girl, Part 2

Beverley Stephens (nee Dredge) remembers growing up in Port. She takes up the story after her grandmother and uncle were tragically killed in a house fire as told in Part 1. After the fire, Uncle Bill decided to bring his daughter Val to 82 Evans … [Read more...]

Wayward Women?

Warning: NOT for the faint hearted! Old Treasury Building - June 2019 to June 2020 Discover Wayward Women? and meet the women who don't fit the stereotype of demure Victorian womanhood. There are some familiar faces like Madame Brussels, … [Read more...]

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