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Town Hall, 333 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
Town Hall, 333 Bay Street, Port Melbourne

Port Talks

Port Talks distills highlights from the Society’s audio-archive into three 10 minute podcasts.

The theme is the Depression – a time of great hardship in Port.

Our guides are long time Port Melbourne residents Tom Hills (1904 – 1995) and Myrtle Richardson (1925 – 2013).

Episode 1 – Putting food on the table

Episode 2 – Putting clothes on your back

Episode 3 – Putting a roof over your head

Port Talks was written and produced by May Jasper with sound engineering by Andrew Callaghan.

The project has been supported by the City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund.

Tom Hills is pictured with co-author Wendy Lowenstein working on Under the Hook (Photo by Barbara Hall). The Society regrets that it does not have any photographs of Myrtle Richardson. We are grateful to have her detailed recollections of growing up in Port.