Malcolm Moore and Albert Longoni

by David Radcliffe Over the past four years, the article on Malcolm Moore Pty Ltd has elicited many reminiscences from people with personal or family ties to this former Port Melbourne based engineering company. The numerous fond memories suggest it was a great place to work, one that fostered loyal employees. Most of these responses … [Read More...]

Marshall & Co, Boot Manufacturers

At about half past 6 o'clock yesterday evening a fire broke out in Marshall's Boot Factory, in Nott Street, Port Melbourne, and in less than two hours, destroyed the whole of the building and a large quantity of stock, the whole valued about £10,000.The Argus, 18 September 1901 Readers of The Argus on the morning of 18 September 1901 were … [Read More...]

Bain Street

There is no need to go looking on any 21st Century map for Bain Street, Port Melbourne, you won't find it. Bain Street was gazetted on 27 July 1898 and as you can see from the map below from around the 1950s, it was west of Swallow Street and it wasn't quite 100 years old when it succumbed during the development of Beacon Cove. Map 47 … [Read More...]

I Was There When …

At the 2020 Annual General Meeting of PMHPS three members, Liana Thompson, Suzy Milburn and Greg Hansen presented their memories of Port Melbourne anchored around the statement 'I was there when ...'. Liana spoke of the time when Council was sacked and the City of Port Melbourne was amalgamated with the Cities of South Melbourne and St Kilda to … [Read More...]

Peace at last

Rosie Bray (Thrupp) wrote this piece on 15th August 2020. Yes, August 15th 1945 was Victory in the Pacific day, and I remember it well. It meant Peace at last, and we all let out a sigh of relief when we heard Prime Minister Ben Chifley officially announce that Japan had at last surrendered. The news was not unexpected as Victory in Europe … [Read More...]

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