Fundraising Stalls and Christmas Dinners

PMHPS fundraising/information stall in conjunction with Port Melbourne Tourism Association, Station Pier, 9 November 1994 during the visit of the Replica Endeavour. Photographer Pat Grainger, PMHPS Collection Over its twenty-Seven year history, the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society has had many stalls and displays serving the … [Read More...]

Ellinis Mews

Pedestrian access to Ellinis Mews from Beacon Road, Photograph by David Thompson Ellinis Mews is a short residential street in Beacon Cove but I'm not sure where the connection with stables is other than in the developers' minds. To me it is a Court or what we would have called in Ireland a Close or, if we wanted to be fancy, a cul-de-sac. … [Read More...]

Port Melbourne Trivia Quiz

November usually means we get together for a night of trivia under quizmaster John May but COVID-19 restrictions during 2020 have meant that is not possible. To alleviate some of the disappointment we have devised a Port Melbourne Trivia Quiz. So test your knowledge and have some fun! How many Mayors of the City of Port Melbourne have been … [Read More...]

The Graham

Pubs have more lives than cats. The Graham Hotel is about to embark on a new one. The Graham Family Hotel was constructed on the shallow shore of the Sandridge Lagoon beside the Graham Street footbridge in 1872 for Alfred J. Johnson, a stevedore. The substantial, two storey brick structure in the Free Classical style was designed by architect … [Read More...]

Historic Port Melbourne Calendar

2021 Historic Port Melbourne Calendar Women of Port   Forty local women are depicted (others mentioned) in our tribute to Port Melbourne women and those featured are not necessarily those that you would expect.   In this packed calendar you'll find a musical talent who joined the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the matriarch of a … [Read More...]

The Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society is a totally voluntary, non-profit, incorporated organisation founded in 1993 to preserve the identity of our historic port town.


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