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Swallow & Ariell Matchbox

One of the loveliest items in the PMHPS Collection is Cat No 581, a small metal matchbox promoting Swallow and Ariell Ltd.

Swallow & Ariell Ltd promotional matchbox. PMHPS Collection (Cat No 581).

It is only 6cm by 4.3cm with a full coloured paper insert fitted into the lid with a swallow swooping over the words

With Compliments From
Swallow & Ariell Ltd
The Uneeda Bakers

The background is a close-up view of a Uneeda biscuit.

A push-in clasp on the side opens the hinged box revealing an interior compartment.

Interior, Swallow and Ariell promotional matchbox. PMHPS Collection (Cat No 581).

Presumably these matchboxes were given out by Swallow’s salesmen to keep Uneeda biscuits front of mind when their favourite customers took a smoko. This particular box, however, belonged to Charles Forbes, a baker at Swallow & Ariell, and was donated to the Society by a descendant.

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