The War in Port – 1917

As we make final preparations for Christmas . . . On the 20th December 1917 men and women in Port Melbourne voted in a referendum on this question "Are you in favour of the proposal of the Commonwealth Government for reinforcing the Australian … [Read more...]

Three Photos of Port Link Five Generations of my Family

Whilst converting a terrace house in Bay Street to a photography studio in the 1970s, one of my memories of Port was the delicious smell of baking biscuits from the Swallows factory, not one you’d associate with an industrial area. Lydia, my paternal … [Read more...]

Why Bother Going to the Riviera?

This image from the PMH&PS collection shows the foreshore at the foot of Princes Street, Port Melbourne, taken from the jetty that covered the main drain outlet around 1947. As a boy, I lived further along Princes Street and this was "my" beach. … [Read more...]

Advertisements from the Port Melbourne 1939 Centenary

The Greater Port Melbourne: Official Souvenir of the 1939 Port Melbourne Centenary Celebrations Committee booklet includes many advertisements from iconic Port Melbourne companies. Many more than I can feature here. A lot of the ads are just simple … [Read more...]

Better than a Horse on a Merry-Go-Round

My grandfather Bert Cosham, with my cousin Barry Bond, in the lane, Princes Place, at the rear of his house at 94 Princes Street Port Melbourne in 1948. Along the lane is the wall at the rear of St Joseph’s Priory in Stokes Street, while the church … [Read more...]

My Life in Port

As a member of the PMHPS I would like to say I'm 91 years young. Home birth was very common in 1924 when I was born at 36 Princes Street, Port Melbourne. I lived in this house for 22 years until I got married in July 1947. The photo of me shows … [Read more...]

Pt Melbourne, 1992 by Brian Cleveland

View of Beach Street showing the London Hotel, Swallow & Ariel, Harper's Starch Factory and the on;y remaining pylon from the Centenary Bridge. … [Read more...]

Walking the War in Port

This week, PMHPS received a commendation for its Port Melbourne First World War Centenary Project at the Victorian Community History Awards.  This article draws on the resources created by the project. Chance, rather than conscious choice, led … [Read more...]

Saucy Postcards from Swallow & Ariell

From the Collection - Swallow's Art Deco postcards from the 1930s (catalogue no 2929) A set of postcards from the 1930s was presented to the Society by George Derham, a descendant of Frederick Derham.  Frederick Derham was Managing Director of … [Read more...]

Sign of the Swallow

This Port Melbourne story is reproduced with permission from Stephen Banham's wonderful book Characters: Cultural stories revealed through typograpy. 'Real estate development can be unkind to signage. The urgency to convert a site from industrial to … [Read more...]

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