Women’s Welcoming Committee

It is unfair to say that 1918 marks the pinnacle of the work of the Women's Welcoming Committee (WWC) because they welcomed all but the first troopship returning to our piers right through the war until 1920. They did much more besides including … [Read more...]

Good Ole Nott Street

This photo will give you a clue. This is my second class in my second year of being a teacher at Nott Street Port Melbourne. These kids represented the wonderful tapestry of the then cultural melting pot of multiculturalism of Port Melbourne in the … [Read more...]

The Borough and its People

The Borough and its People: Port Melbourne 1839 - 1939 There is something for the new as well as the born and bred Port person in Margaret and Graham Bride's fascinating book. Whether you want to satisfy your curiousity about Port life and … [Read more...]

Welcoming the Wounded Anzacs

PMH&PS member and prolific footy club author, Terry Keenan has turned his mind and meticulous research to a group of Port Melbourne women who formed themselves into a committee to welcome Australian troops, especially the sick and wounded, … [Read more...]

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