Pubs in Port – a snapshot from the nineties

From the Collection - Ron Laing’s Pub Photos (catalogue no 1287) Ron Laing was born in Scotland in 1920. During the war he was a flying instructor and in 1950 he migrated to Australia where he worked as a forklift driver and a machinist for the … [Read more...]

Chartered Scoundrels by Pat Grainger

Chartered Scoundrels: A brief history of Port Melbourne hotels by Pat Grainger   PMH&PS 2007, Soft cover, illustrated, 92 pp $20.00   The first two were opened on the Beach in 1840. Once gold was discovered in Victoria in 1851, some … [Read more...]

A bit early?

Walking through Olive's Corner earlier this week, saw a person reading the PMH&PS book 'Chartered Scoundrels: A Brief History of Port Melbourne Hotels'. Couldn't let this go unremarked and stopped for a chat. Robert Gooding enjoys visiting … [Read more...]

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