The London Hotel – Planning

The site of the London Hotel is also known as 92 Beach Street for planning purposes. November 2017 The applicant has appealed the Council's September decision to VCAT with a hearing date to be advised. September 2017 The Council approved a permit … [Read more...]

Why Bother Going to the Riviera?

This image from the PMH&PS collection shows the foreshore at the foot of Princes Street, Port Melbourne, taken from the jetty that covered the main drain outlet around 1947. As a boy, I lived further along Princes Street and this was "my" beach. … [Read more...]

Pt Melbourne, 1992 by Brian Cleveland

View of Beach Street showing the London Hotel, Swallow & Ariel, Harper's Starch Factory and the on;y remaining pylon from the Centenary Bridge. … [Read more...]

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