Family Memories of Jennie Baines

 Lyn McLeavy shares her aunts' recollections of Jennie Baines, and of her grandmother Mary McLeavy  Millie Jennie Baines was only that high (5’1”) The biggest thing about Jennie was her mouth. Didn’t she give us a bit of curry. Alice In the … [Read more...]

Jennie Baines – Suffragette

'To fight for that which is better and nobler in this world is to live in the highest sense, but to submit and tolerate the evils which exist is to merely vegetate in the sewers of iniquity.’ Jennie Baines Lyn McLeavy writes  Jennie Baines … [Read more...]

Women of Port Melbourne

Women of Port Melbourne   PMH&PS 2005, A4 soft cover, illustrated, 64 pp $10.00   The stories of the lives of thirty-four Port women.   Produced in conjunction with the Women of Port exhibition held at Port Melbourne Town Hall, October … [Read more...]

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