Good Ole Nott Street

This photo will give you a clue. This is my second class in my second year of being a teacher at Nott Street Port Melbourne. These kids represented the wonderful tapestry of the then cultural melting pot of multiculturalism of Port Melbourne in the … [Read more...]

I’m Home, Back in Port

As I drive around Melbourne Along its freeways and across its bridges Through its endless suburbs When I round this bend, I’m home Back in Port David Thompson … [Read more...]

Recalling Before and After – The Starch Factory

Looking south along Port Melbourne beach from Station Pier. See the intact but aged starch factory. One can almost see how quiet everything is. The sky generates warmth. I understand that in those days only twelve thousand people lived in the city … [Read more...]

The Beach and the Bay

The beach and the bay here in Port- always a magnet. Whether windy and cold, or still and hot, the kids are there. I think this one's having a good time- not too sure! David Nicholas … [Read more...]

Go Port: Port United Boys Cricket Team

The photo was taken in 1952 at JL Murphy Reserve, corner of Williamstown Road and Graham Street. The area was Port Melbourne Municipal Council’s depot for electric light and bluestone. This local junior boy’s cricket team was organised by … [Read more...]

The Year 1968

The Year 1968 Location "Hook Pier" This is a series of photos of me at the beach with my father. Innocent, quiet times in an unspoilt era. Clearly visible in the background are the chimney stacks of the Gasworks, the Life Saving Club … [Read more...]

Why Bother Going to the Riviera?

This image from the PMH&PS collection shows the foreshore at the foot of Princes Street, Port Melbourne, taken from the jetty that covered the main drain outlet around 1947. As a boy, I lived further along Princes Street and this was "my" … [Read more...]

St James Cottage circa 1870

In 2012, 11 years after first moving to Port Melbourne, my husband Zeno and I together with our beautiful boy Luke then just 6 years old, made the move north across the borough from Beacon Cove to Heath St to bring back to life St James … [Read more...]

Kitchen’s Picnic

My Father, Bill Hegarty, along with the Mott sisters, Myrtle, Ida and Alice who married Bill, were all employed by Kitchen & Sons. This picture was taken at one of Kitchen's annual outings, a picnic at Frankston. Here Bill is teamed with my … [Read more...]

Joy of Living in Port Melbourne

Not long after I moved to Port I had an injury which meant I was on crutches! I was outside my house one day trying to give my beautiful Chloe Dog a little shuffle/walk!!! as I held her lead. I was approached by a person who has now become a … [Read more...]

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