A Young Girl’s Interests

Duke and Duchess of York outside Port Melbourne Town Hall, 11 May 1927. PMHPS Collection In 1927 the Duke and Duchess of York (future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother) visited Australia for the official opening of … [Read more...]

Now and Then 2021 – Corner Bay and Beach Streets

Bay Street at Beach Street (2021). Photo: David Thompson, PMHPS Collection. For more than 150 years Morley’s Coal Depot has stood on the south-east corner of Bay and Beach Streets. William Morley was a prominent local merchant in Port Melbourne in … [Read more...]

Now and Then 2021 – Albert and Alfred Streets

The rows of modest, cheek by jowl, Victorian cottages, in many streets in Port Melbourne, provide a glimpse of what it would have been like to live here in the mid-to-late 1880s. What was then is now intermingled with 21st century vehicles and a … [Read more...]

A Right Royal Welcome to Port Melbourne

David Radcliffe Recently the PMHPS acquired a magnificent picture showing a distinguished visitor being officially welcomed to Port Melbourne. But who is this dignitary resplendent in his ostrich feather festooned bicorne hat? Is it the Prince of … [Read more...]

Nott Street Maypole Squad

Often at the Society we come across a photo that stops us in our tracks because we want to know more. This is one of those photos. Many times there are no clues in the picture to help determine what it might be but in this case we have three key … [Read more...]

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