Albert Jacka VC and Port Melbourne

President Sue Leong will represent the Society and lay a wreath at the commemoration of the death of Albert Jacka VC at St Kilda cemetery on Dandenong Road this Sunday 14 January at 2pm. All are welcome. At this service, held each year, Jacka's … [Read more...]

Ship Visit

The amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) spent six days berthed at Station Pier from 28 August to 3 September. The 275m long ship occupied nearly the entire inner east berth. The ship had been on training exercises in the … [Read more...]

Salt on the Windows by Janice C MacDonald

Author Janice Christine MacDonald neé Morton died on Tuesday, 19 May 2015. A victim of Alzheimer's Disease, she had lost all those memories fortunately recorded in her books on Port Melbourne. An active PMH&PS member in our foundation decades, … [Read more...]

‘Anger at City Gateway Eyesore’

It is not the first time in Port Melbourne's history that the entry to Melbourne from Port Melbourne has been described in these terms. In 1929, the Metropolitan Town Planning Commission report described  'this approach to Melbourne is a drab and … [Read more...]

Meeting – Mon 28 March 2016, 7.30pm

Peter Fisher will be our special guest at the March meeting.  Peter has stories to tell us about Sandridge conflicts such as the ‘white-hot competition’ between Town and Railway Piers and the community’s problem with the Melbourne & Hobsons Bay … [Read more...]

Station Pier Port Melbourne, Sept 1991 by Brian Cleveland

One of the Stothert & Pitt cranes on Station Pier. … [Read more...]

Station Pier, Sept 1991 by Brian Cleveland

View of Station Pier showing the passenger terminal and one of the Stothert & Pitt cranes. … [Read more...]

Station Pier, Pt Melb, Sept 1991 by Brian Cleveland

View along Station Pier looking back past the two Stothert & Pitt cranes towards the shore. … [Read more...]

Crane by Brian Cleveland

View along Station Pier to one of the Stothert & Pitt cranes. … [Read more...]

Crane by Brian Cleveland

One of the Stothert & Pitt cranes on Station Pier. … [Read more...]

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