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The Last Milk Horse

The Last Milk Horse
The Last Milk Horse

I moved to Farrell Street in Port in 1986.

Coming from the suburbs I was amazed to hear the milkman’s horse clopping past each morning. One morning in November 1988 I thought that I must take a picture of something that seemed unique to Port at that time.

Little was I to know that it was to be the last time I would see the milk horse pulling his float with the milkman perched on the side ready to drop off deliveries. I am not sure when the business actually finished but that was my last sighting.

The old corner shop behind the float looks rather sorry for itself and, unfortunately, it is not possible to distinguish the original “Sandwiches Cut to Order” sign under the left hand side of the veranda.

Today the sign is still there while the building looks very smart with a new roof and paintwork.

Ann Gibson

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