Now and Then 2021 – HMAS Apartments and Lagoon Pier

Completed in 2001, the HMAS Apartments were designed by the renowned architectural firm of Fender Katsalidis, who also designed Eureka Tower, Australia 108 and many other striking buildings. The towers of this apartment complex are visible from many … [Read more...]

Esplanade West

Little did I know that buying our house in Esplanade West, would change the direction of my life. Esplanade West is an intriguing name for a street, and it led to an early interest in how it had come to be so named. I learned about the shaping … [Read more...]

Freedom of Entry to the City

The custom of granting armed forces Freedom of Entry to the City dates from medieval Europe where walled cities could make the movement of armed forces difficult. If the passing troops were deemed untrustworthy, then the city may refuse to provide … [Read more...]

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