Lost Shops of Graham Street

Shirley Videion recalls the shops in Graham Street before the construction of the Graham Street overpass: Graham Street was blessed with milk bars. The two most preferred by our group when walking on a Sunday were McCarthy's next to the double … [Read more...]

The First Sandridge Fire Brigade

With bushfire alerts all over ABC radio this week and the lingering smell and haze of smoke in the air my eyes were drawn to the Society bookshelves and a great little publication called 'Fire in the Borough' by Shirley A Videion. Videion traces … [Read more...]

Law on Water by Shirley A Videion

Law on Water Water Police of Port Phillip (1838-1900) and their Administrators by Shirley A Videion   Soft cover, illustrated, 144 pp $25.00   Detailed history of early years of the Water Police. Although based at Williamstown, This history … [Read more...]

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