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Town Hall, 333 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
Town Hall, 333 Bay Street, Port Melbourne

Meeting – Mon 24 Feb 2014, 7.30pm

popupmuseumCome along to the PMHPS Pop-Up Museum at the Town Hall.

Every member should be able to bring something. All you need to do is look through your house and choose some item that you are able to bring to the meeting and place on display for the duration of the meeting. The item should have a connection to the history of Port Melbourne in the recent or distant past.

You’ll need to complete a card in readable print stating:

1. What the item is.
2. Who owns it now.
3. Date of origin, if known
4. Tell its story saying what connects it to Port Melbourne in no more than 150 words.

Before the meeting members of the Committee will help to arrange items for display. Owners will ALL please take them home at the end of the night.

At the conclusion of the business part of the meeting, The Museum will be open for viewing after which 4-5 members will have the opportunity to tell the story of their item.

As usual the meeting and The Museum will take place in the Council Chamber at Port Melbourne Town Hall starting at 7.30pm.

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