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Malcolm Moore and Albert Longoni Crane slewing ring and undercarriage designed by Albert Longoniand manufactured by Malcolm Moore, 1928 Many locals have memories of the former engineering company, Malcolm Moore. For sixty years from 1927 their … [Read more...]

Malcolm Moore and Albert Longoni

by David Radcliffe Over the past four years, the article on Malcolm Moore Pty Ltd has elicited many reminiscences from people with personal or family ties to this former Port Melbourne based engineering company. The numerous fond … [Read more...]

Now and Then 2021 – Bridge Street Light Rail Crossing

Bridge Street Light Rail Crossing (2021). Photo: David Thompson, PMHPS Collection. The light rail service from the city to Port Melbourne opened in December 1987 replacing the railway that had operated along much the same route since 1854. In that … [Read more...]

Now and Then 2021 – Bertie Street

Starward Distillery now produces whisky at 50 Bertie Street in a building where, previously, Malcolm Moore Industries fabricated large cranes. Starward Distillery, Bertie Street (2021). Photo: David Thompson. PMHPS Collection Bertie Street is … [Read more...]

Advertisements from the Port Melbourne 1939 Centenary

The Greater Port Melbourne: Official Souvenir of the 1939 Port Melbourne Centenary Celebrations Committee booklet includes many advertisements from iconic Port Melbourne companies. Many more than I can feature here. A lot of the ads are just simple … [Read more...]

Malcolm Moore Pty Ltd

Only a fragment of the presence of the massive engineering firm of Malcolm Moore Pty Ltd survives in Bertie St, Port Melbourne. Malcolm Moore set up his firm's manufacturing centre in Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne in 1927. Branches were … [Read more...]

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